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Filarmonía 1984 Filarmonía 2002 Filarmonía 2011 Filarmonía 2018
1984-2002 2002-2011 2011-2018 2018-present

Radio Filarmonía is a radio focused on classical music, owned by the IRTP in agreement with the Instituto Cultural Radio Filarmonía.

Radio Solarmonía


Filarmonía 1984
In 1984, Radio Solarmonía was broadcast for the first time, then under the command of the newspaper "El Comercio" and the logo was the letters "Radio Solarmonía" on the typography of the El Comercio logo.

In 2002, the radio disappeared as such and was relaunched thanks to an agreement between the IRTP and the Instituto Cultural Radio Filarmonía under the name of Radio Filarmonía.

Radio Filarmonía


Filarmonía 2002
In 2002 and with the agreement with the IRTP, the radio was relaunched now as "Radio Filarmonía" and the first logo was the name of the radio station in Trajan Pro typeface in red in separate letters.



Filarmonía 2011
In 2011, the logo is now relaunched as an "f" in manuscript connected to a kind of line (resembling an orchestra baton) of red color and on the left side, the name "FILARMONIA" in Gill Sans typography, below, the number 102.7 in AvantGarde Extra Light typeface and behind the dial, the letters "FM" with the typography of the radio name.


Filarmonía 2018
In December 2018, a modification was made to the corporate image, changing the typefaces of the logo, the name of the radio in Futura Semibold typography and the dial in Futura Light typography.
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