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Radio La Crónica AM, also known in a stylized way as la crónica, is a Peruvian radio station that operates in AM and only in Lima, owned by the IRTP.

Radio Internacional del Perú


La Crónica AM 1935
The radio began in 1935 as the International Radio of Peru and the first logo was the name of that moment in manuscript.

While the name was discontinued to go to its current name, the name returned in 2010 as an online radio.

Radio La Crónica AM


La Crónica AM 1953
In 1953, the radio acquired the name of "Radio La Crónica AM", based on the name of the owner of that time, the extinct newspaper La Crónica.

The logo was the same as that of the newspaper, but the word "RADIO 9930 Short wave" is added under the logo of the newspaper. In 1974, the radio is confiscated by the dictatorial regime of Juan Velasco Alvarado and since then it is owned by the Peruvian state.


La Crónica AM 1991
In 1991, the logo was modified after entering the AM, the full name being in Roman letter.

With the creation of the IRTP, La Crónica is the only radio station that did not use the IRTP orange sun logo of that time or the red-and-white gradient in the letters.



La Crónica AM 2004
In 2004, a new logo design was made for the first time, which are the letters "LA CRONICA" in Arista Alternate 2.0 typeface and above and on the left, the word "RADIO" in Arista 2.0 Light typeface, all in one color gradient red.


La Crónica AM 2009
In 2009, the logo was modified being the same, but with the word "RADIO" in gray and in separate letters and on the top a red sphere with a white musical note surrounded by two waves of red gradient.

It looks a bit like the logo of the Brazilian television channel Rede Record (now RecordTV).


La Crónica AM 2013
In July 2013, with the launch of the new IRTP logo, a variant similar to that of Radio Nacional was used, with the difference that the name changed to "La Crónica".


La Crónica AM 2019
In 2019, with the change of the IRTP logo, a variant of the current logo of the aforementioned Radio Nacional station was made, with the difference that it changes the name to that of la crónica, which for the first time does not carry the word "RADIO" in the name and also for the first time it is written in lowercase.
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