2004-2005 2005-2007 2007-2012 (closing) 2020-present
2004-2005 2005-2007 2007-2012 (closing) 2020-present

Radio La Mega, also known as La Mega is a Peruvian radio station dedicated to the genre of cumbia, merengue and vallenato, owned by Grupo RPP.

The radio station was born on October 24, 2004, replacing the well-known Radio América, which had been broadcasting since 1943. It lasted until January 2012 when he was replaced by Radio Bravaza and returned on July 28, 2020 to replace Radio Capital.

In 94.3 FM (2004-2012)



La Mega 2004.svg

The first radio logo was a purple blue spot containing the letters "mega" in red and yellow with black edges and the larger "m" above the word "La" in black white border and in the upper left the frequency number of that moment.


La Mega 2005.svg

In 2005 the logo was slightly renewed, relocating the word "La" to the left of "mega" and becomes yellow with black edges, the spot becomes very light blue and above the frequency number of black with white shade.


La Mega 2007-2012.svg

With the changes to its schedule in February 2007, La Mega released a new logo and possibly the latest on its original frequency. This consists of a light star with a red reflection, within the star the frequency in yellow of black edges and inclined to the right and in the reflection the name of the radio stacked, manuscript and white with black edges.

In 96.7 FM (2020-present)


La Mega 2020 (relanzamiento).svg

On July 28, 2020, La Mega was relaunched on 96.7 FM, a frequency previously occupied by Radio Capital. The logo consists of the word "LA MEGA" stacked in turquoise green with black edges and with a greenish yellow gradient to the middle of "MEGA" and with the "L" of "LA" larger, on the sides of "LA" there are two inclined yellow stars with black shadow and below the current number of frequency in white with thick black edges and with new typography.

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Radio La Mega
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Radio La Mega
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