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Radio Nacional



The Radiodifusora Nacional (National Broadcaster) didn't have a logo since 1940 until 1984 when Inravisión used the same logo for the radio station. Unfortunately, these logos only were watched on press or the National Radio's Magazine and were frequently until the middle of 1990 decade.

Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia





This logo appeared mostly in some TV promos, publications and the official website of Inravisión.

In that time there was two stations: 570 AM for colombian folk, vallenato, joropo, antilles, south, pacific, caribbean, porros, gaitas, boleros, ballads and other music besides cultural informative programs and magazines. Meanwhile Clasica 95.9 FM was for classical music, jazz, tango, ethnical music, etc; due the wide coverage of the FM station some programs of the AM station was simultaneously transmitted.

Also since 1940 there was an international station where broadcasted mostly domestic programs excepting some whom was for the foreign audiences, this station ceased in 2001.

Radio Nacional de Colombia (first era)



When Inravision dissapear and RTVC born, all enterprises changes their respective logos, And the National Radio was not the exception. During 2005 until 2008, the logo had all the letters on lowercase, after 2008, a remake of 2005 logo was reveiled, the only diference was the text had the capital letters on Uppercase.

Señal Radio Colombia



All Companies on RTVC had a make-over, so, this make-over for the National Radio was so big. The name changed into Señal Radio Colombia, and they start to use orange as the new color, with the pre-columbian symbol used by cultural channel Señal Colombia since 2004.

Señal Radio Nacional de Colombia

2015 (Unused)


Radio Nacional de Colombia (second era)


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