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RPN (Radio Philippines Network, Inc.) formerly as KBS (Kanlaon Broadcasting System) from 1960 until 1975 and New Vision 9 from 1989 until 1994, is a TV and radio network in the Philippines. co-owned by Government Communications Group under the Office of the Press Secretary (OPS), Nine Media Corporation, Far East Managers and Investors Inc., owned by the family of company founder Roberto Benedicto, among others, as major shareholders. It was the sister station of current government owned and controlled IBC. RPN, along with sister media companies PTV and Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS), forms the media arm of the OPS. RPN operates television stations with airtime being leased by its parent Nine Media, serving as primary broadcasters of CNN Philippines, a local franchise of the CNN. RPN also operates regional AM radio stations under the brand Radyo Ronda, serving as partial affiliate of sister station DWIZ in Metro Manila.

Radio Philippines Network (1st era)



RPN was established in February 25, 1960 as RPN or Radio Philippines Network.

Kanlaon Broadcasting Company


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By 1968, it renamed to Kanlaon Broadcasting Company. The company was named after the Kanlaon volcano, which is located in the island of Negros, the birthplace of its founder, the late Roberto S. Benedicto (1917-2000).

Kanlaon Broadcasting System


Kbs 1960.svg

Later, it renamed as Kanlaon Broadcasting System or KBS.


Kbs 1960.jpg
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In October 15, 1969, KBS started operating a TV network with two stations: Channel 9 in Manila and Channel 12 in Baguio. KBS launched this logo in conjunction with the start of KBS' TV operations. The logo also had a second version in which the logo was joined by the text "Accucolor" (filled with multiple colors) for its first TV slogan, "Accucolor 9" (used to promote KBS as the first TV network in the Philippines to broadcast in full color). The logo consisted of the KBS logo in a number 9 shape with straight lines, boxed in a rectangle.

Radio Philippines Network (2nd era)


RPN 9 Logo 1975.svg

In 1975, KBS was relaunched as RPN, or the Radio Philippines Network. Its first logo is an RGB-colored eye with the text "RPN" in lowercase placed on the center of the eye. The number 9 shape used from 1969 was discontinued, but was returned the following year. On the blue oval is a looking eye.


RPN 9 Logo 1976.svg


RPN 9 Logo 1977.svg


RPN 9 Logo 1980.svg

In 1980, RPN unveiled a new logo which was a half-circle resembling an antenna, forming the letters RPN, and RGB beams. The number 9 shape was again retained and was used until 1982.

This logo also somewhat resembles the iconic logo used by ABS-CBN.



In 1982, RPN overhauled its logo again. This time, the logo was a red box with the name RPN in Peignot font inside it (the logo resembles a satellite antenna; this was used in conjunction with the start of RPN's broadcast via Domestic Satellite (DOMSAT) technology). The logo was joined by RPN's "The Leader" slogan (to promote RPN as the number one TV network during that time), and a completely overhauled number 9 shape using "nautilus shell". One alternative variant feature only the box (seen in The American Music Awards). The box was used again in 1995. See below.

When RPN 9 have the logo (the alternate version without the channel number and slogan), was used on most RPN radio stations. The logo continue to use even to this day.

New Vision 9


New Vision 9 (1989-1994).png
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In 1989, RPN relaunched as New Vision 9 (despite the relaunch, the RPN name was retained as the network's corporate name). The logo consisted of a golden globe with a number 9 (resembling the number 9 on its previous logo) carved on it, and the text "NEW VISION".

Radio Philippines Network (3rd era)


RPN 9 The Network Logo 1994.png
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In 1994, New Vision 9 reverted back to RPN 9. The network, did not use the 1982 logo, however, and used a new logo, which consisted of a globe with a red-blue gradient-colored ring and the words "RPN" and "THE NETWORK", representing RPN's slogan during that time: "RPN: The Network". The logo was discontinued in 1995 in favor of returning the 1982 box logo.




After 13 years, in 1995, the 1982 logo finally returned as the logo of the network (this time, without the number 9 (the 1982 logo without the 9 and so as the slogan was shown at one point), and a different slogan entitled "Your Friendly Network"). It is currently RPN's longest-lived logo.


RPN logo 2003-present.png
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In April 5, 2003, the logo was on 3D version that also used in "Moving Ahead" station ID and on-screen bug from 2003 to 2008.

ABS-CBN (1958–1969; Channel 9 frequency/channel space)
Radio Philippines Network