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1963–1980 1980–1985 1985–1993 1993–1997 1997–2000
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2000–2008 2008–2011 2011–2014 2014–2018 2018–present

Radio Programas del Perú, also known by its initials RPP, is a standard Peruvian news radio station of the conglomerate of the same name created on October 7, 1963. It is the largest radio station in Peru and with great coverage in the country.


RPP 1963.svg

The first RPP logo was a black isosceles triangle with three circular rings as antenna waves and on the side, the full name of the radio of that time in Eurostile Bold Extended typography.


RPP 1980.svg

In the 80s, RPP modifies its logo. The triangle of the antenna becomes red and inside this, the letters "RPP" (initials of the radio) are added and on the sides, the name "RADIOPROGRAMAS" with the antenna waves forming the "O".


RPP 1985.svg

In 1985 a change was made to the logo, the red and black antenna with the acronym is replaced by a globe with a kind of flag of Peru in reference to the arrival of the radio in the snowy Huascaran and the name "RADIOPROGRAMAS" is now white with black borders with the same globe as the "O".


RPP 1993.svg

For the radio station's 30th anniversary, it returned to the 1980 logo with some variations.

The antenna waves become ten, the shade of red is brighter and the name changes its font to Helvetica Black.


RPP 1997.svg

On May 10, 1997, the radio station adopted its acronym (RPP) as its name and named it "NOTICIAS" for the theme used in most of its programming, called RPP Noticias.

The new logo is a perfect yellow circle with the letters "RPP" in black formed by straight and circular lines and a curve like the leg of the "R", below the circle, the word "NOTICIAS" in Helvetica Black typeface and below , a horizontal red line. It shares a resemblance to the Panamericana Televisión logo of that time.


RPP 2000.svg

At the start of the new millennium, the logo takes on a semi-sphere appearance with shaded letters and slightly less thick red line.


RPP 2008.svg

In 2008, the logo takes on an aspect between spherical and beveled and the text "NOTICIAS" and the red line is larger.


RPP 2011.svg

In 2011, the logo takes on a spherical and shiny appearance, the letters "RPP" shrink a little, the text changes to the Eurostile Black font, and the red line is thinner.


RPP 2014.svg

In 2014, the sphere is again a simple circle, similar when the logo was first used in 1997.


RPP 2018.svg

On the day of the radio station's 55th anniversary (October 7, 2018), the radio returns to the name of "Radio Programas del Perú", maintaining the acronym RPP.


The text "NOTICIAS" and the red line are still used on their website.