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Radio Television of Belgrade


When Radio Television of Belgrade (RTB) started, it was one of two tv centers that made up Yugoslav Radio Television (JRT). The logo was inspired by a tv antenna (T) while the circle represented a radio wave.

Radio Television of Serbia 



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When the company renamed to Radio Television of Serbia, this logo was used, beginning from January 1, 1992, until the Q4 1992, when the current RTS logo began use and replaced the RTB, RTP and RTNS on-screen logos with RTS' new logo's ones, with B1 and B2 being the main channels of the Belgrade divisions, together with the 3K, also known as RTS 3. NS and NS plus were the channels of the Novi Sad division together with the 3P, who timeshared with 3K. P which was the only channel of Priština division. Names of the division channels were kept.

The logo is not unique: it was similar to the 1958 RTB logo. The only differences is that the B (which means Belgrade) was replaced with the S, meaning Serbia.

At the end of the ident, the wordmark below the logo can be replaced by either Television Belgrade, Television Novi Sad or other type of programme or TV studio name, by flipping. Example: ident


Radio Television of Serbia

Since 2014, the company mostly uses the wordmark from the logo.

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