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1954–1983 1961–1977 1977–1983 1983–1988
1954–1983 1961–1977 1977–1983 1983–1988
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1988–2000 2000–2010 2010–2016 2016–present

Programma Nazionale/ReteTV


RAI Televisione (1954).svg

Rai 1 began transmissions in 1954 as Programma Nazionale. This logo was used on the opening and end of transmission idents used from the network's launch up until 1983.


Programma nazionale.png
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Rete 1/TV1


Rai tv 1.png
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Programma Nazionale changed its name to Rete 1 in 1977, when Rai's channels finally adopted colors. The logo was a colored version of the Programma Nazionale's logo.

Rai Uno


RAI Uno 1983.svg

Later in 1982, Rete 1 changed its name to Rai Uno. It launched a new logo corresponding with Rai's rebranding in the same year, the first logo in its history to adopt its now signature color: blue. In the bumpers, the logo was accompanied with a blue sphere.


Rai Uno old.svg

Occasionally, there was a horizontal version of the logo. In this logo, the Rai Uno typefaces as modified (as with the Rai corporate logo at that time) and the sphere officialy became part of the logo.


Rai Uno.svg

This logo, which drops the sphere, uses Rai's newly-launched butterfly symbol, and maintains its now-standard blue color, was introduced in 2000; during the TV shows it was all white until September 21, 2003, when it became white with a blue halo around.

Rai 1


Rai 1 logo 2010.svg

On May 18, Rai Uno changed its name to Rai 1 (but is still called Rai Uno in a way since uno is Italian for one/1), introducing a new logo based on two squares, but keeping the same, historic color of the channel: blue. Although the logo was introduced on May, they still used the 2003 idents until the new bumpers appeared on November of the same year that appeared in 16:9 instead of their predecessors.


Rai 1 2016.svg

On September 12, 2016, Rai 1, along with Rai 2, Rai 3, and Rai 4, redesigned its logo and launched a new graphics package. The new design of Rai 1's logo maintains Rai's corporate logo, drops the second square at the right and gives an entirely new look for the number 1. The channel's iconic blue color was maintained, albeit in a different shade.

EIAR Trasmissioni Sperimentali Radiovisione (1939–1940)
Rai 1