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Logo RAINEWS24 1999-2000 Rainews24 Rainews24 Rainews 24 Logo.svg Rai News 2010 RAI News24 2013 Rai News 24 possible new logo
1999-2002 2002-2004 2004-2006 2006-2010 2010-2013 2013-present 2020 (tentative)

Rainews 24


RaiNews24 logo 1999.svg


RaiNews24 logo 2002.svg


RaiNews24 logo 2004.svg


Rainews 24 Logo.svg

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Rai News


Rai News 2010

Rai News 24


RAI News24 2013

Used since February 24, 2013. This is the only surviving logo that uses the Futura font on the wordmark next to the Rai logo: all others have changed into ITC Lubalin Graph font in April 2017.

2020 (tentative)

Rai News 24 possible new logo

This brand new logo will be used in 2020, with new graphics and new bumpers.

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