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Broadmarsh Express


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Rapid 1


Rapid one (old)

Rapid One


Rapid One 2014

The Eclipses were replaced by Versas, considering a Rainbow, and Rapid reload. The colour of the buses went even darker, and the name was changed. The Rapid was kept, but, 1 was changed to the word, one. It even came with some awesome new features: free, and fast 4G Wi-Fi, USB sockets, creature comforts, a new timetable, and circles to stop confusion from happening. Rapid One also runs on Sundays as of July 2014. Even the word, 'Rapid', changed from light blue - to silver.


Rapid One 2018

Because of major timetable improvements on Rainbow One, the Eclipses were brought back to replace the Versas. The colour of the buses were pink, and blue to stand out from the crowd. However, because of low passenger numbers, this route was withdrawn on March 21, 2020.

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