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Ultimate Play the Game logo Rare Logo 1987 (Sprite) Rarelog Rareware Rare '02 Rare logo Rare ltd 2015
1985–1987 1987–1991 1991–1994 1994–2003 2003–2010 2010–2015 2015–present

Ultimate Play the Game


Ultimate Play the Game logo

Rare was established as Ultimate Play the Game in 1985.

Rare (first era)


Rare Logo 1987 (Sprite)





Rareware (1998)

In 1994, Rare was renamed as Rareware, its most recognized name during the SNES and N64 era. The iconic golden "R" inside the golden border with blue background debuted in Donkey Kong Country and last appeared in early protoype versions of the cancelled GBA video game Diddy Kong Pilot  (which later became Banjo-Pilot).

Rare (second era)


Rare '02

Following the purchase from Nintendo to Microsoft, in 2003, the company retuned to its previous name and changed their logo removing the golden border with blue background.


Rare logo

In 2010, Rare replaced its classic logo with a simple gray wordmark. The "R" symbol is now inside of a green hexagon located at the upper corner (the design of this one varied in different shapes and colors).


Rare ltd 2015

On 15 June 2015, during Microsoft's conference at E3, Rare unveiled a new logo. The new logo revives the classic golden "R" and takes elements from the 1994 logo (like the blue background).

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