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TV Record


Record 1953.jpg

Logopedia Info.svg

The first Rede Record logo is a compass with the letters T and V on it, and the name Record below it.


LogoRecord 72-73.svg

The logo features a square with a number 7 symbol and the name "TV Record".


Record 1971.svg

The logo features the name Record with a circle 7 logo (similar to ABC's own "circle 7" in the U.S.) as the "O" of the wordmark.


LogoRecord 65-70.svg

The 1965 logo is adjoined by an insignia resembling Rede Record's transmitter tower used at the time.


Record 1973-0.svg

When color broadcasts in Brazil started, the Rede Record's logo was modified, now having the RGB colors on the C, O, and R letters, representing the word cor in Portuguese, which means color.

Rede Record logo 1974.svg

The 1966 logo is adjoined by a tiger that was its mascot.


Rede Record logo 1976.svg

The logo features a sun with the name TV Record below it.


Rede Record logo 1979.svg

The sun is replaced with a circle that bears the number 7 inside it. With a wordmark "TV RECORD".


Rede Record Logo 1981.svg

The logo features the Record wordmark with a rainbow placed above it.


Record logo 1985.svg

The logo features a rainbow divided in half. This is the last logo to feature a rainbow.


Rede Record logo 1986.svg

The rainbow was discarded in 1986 in favor of an all-gold colored logo with a four-sided rhombus as its symbol.

Rede Record



The first design of the present (in concept) logo appeared in 1990: It then featured a light blue sphere surrounded by curved RGB metal plates. When it was released, the symbol originally resembled a cyclone. At the same time, in July 16, 1990, TV Record changed its name to Rede Record, and the wordmark was changed from just "Rede Record de Televisão" to its new name, "Rede Record", which would last until 2003.

1992–1993 (primary), 1992-1995 (secondary)


The symbol was given a shade of silver, the plates became tsunami waves and split into six, and the Rede Record word mark shifted to a more futuristic theme, a theme that would be used for the next two decades.



Logopedia Info.svg

In 1993, the waves became colorful.



Record logo 1995-removebg-preview.png

Logopedia Info.svg

The symbol featured the six waves simplified to 3 waves. It retained the shade of silver.



Logopedia Info.svg

1997–1999; 1999-2002 (secondary)


Logopedia Info.svg

The symbol was shaded gold instead.



Logopedia Info.svg

The logo is the same, except that the Rede Record wordmark was moved to the center of the symbol.


Rederecord2001 wm.png

Logopedia Info.svg

The logo was given a glass-like texture, this logo was short-lived as with the launch of Rede Record International the brand would receive a makeover.


2002–2005; 2005-2007 (secondary)

Record 2002.png

Logopedia Info.svg

The waves gained a slight tweak, the sphere started to bear the texture of planet Earth (indicating their international expansion through Record Internacional, positioned on South America, their continent of origin) and the Rede Record wordmark was moved back to the bottom and was reverted back to simply appearing as "Record". Despite the name change on the logo, Rede Record remained as the network's legal name until 2016.



Logopedia Info.svg

On July 14, 2005, The logo featured the symbol gaining a glossy texture.


Record logo1-1-.png

Logopedia Info.svg

The symbol was given a revamp on December 2, 2007. In this logo, the gold shade on the waves was completely eliminated (allowing each wave to appear in their solid color), the globe was given a simplified texture highlighting the Earth's continents, and the Record wordmark was slightly modified.



Logopedia Info.svg

The logo was given another revamp in 2012. In this logo, the globe is stuck and integrated with the waves (which were revamped into new versions of curved RGB plates, the former state of the waves when the symbol was first used) making it more "polished". As for the wordmark, it was given a minor tweak and now resembles its 1992 and 1995 predecessors, this time without the "Rede" part of the wordmark.



Record logo 2016.png

Logopedia Info.svg

In 2016, the network renamed itself as RecordTV and launched a modified version of the logo which had the symbol rotated slightly to the right and dropped the RGB colors and the silhouette of the map of South America.

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