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When launched, Record News was the third exclusively news channel, and the first (and to this day only) to be broadcast in open TV. The first logo is similar to the one used by Rede Record at the time, except the Earth is replaced by a blue sphere and the waves were changed to cyan. The font used is Microgramma, the same one used extensively by TV Globo during the early 70s.


Record News (2007).png

It's basically the same, but with the Record text removed and the "N E W S" blocks scaled down.



Record News (2012).png

After the logo change of Rede Record, at the same time Record News changed its logo to something similar.


Logotipo da Record News.png

The colors were darkened a bit and the N E W S blocks became bigger.


Just as Record changed their logo to a silver variation, Record News was given an abbreviation "RN" and became entirely 2D with thinner waves.

Record News logo 2016.svg

Rede Mulher
Record News
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