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2005-2012 2013-2015 2016-2017 2018-present

Red Bull Racing — Austrian Formula One team.

Red Bull Racing (first era)



In 2005 Red Bull bought team Jaguar and called team Red Bull. On their first logo seen Red Bull logo on top and word "racing" in bottom, under it written "FORMULA ONE TEAM", behind it drawn gray checkered flag and red, gray and blue lines drawn in right side.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing


Infiniti Red Bull Racing logo.png

On November 25th 2012 Red Bull announces Infinity as title sponsor for 2013[1]. New logo was completely changed, now silver Infinity logo with wordmark placed on top, separated by silver line from team logo, under it drawn Red Bull logo and silver word "RACING", with new font.

Red Bull Racing (second era)


Red Bull Racing logo.png

On December 6th 2015 announced that Infiniti ends their sponsorship[2]. Now the Infiniti logo and wordmark were removed, with branch line placed in bottom and "FORMULA ONE TEAM" written under it, using same font as word "RACING", that based on top of line.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing


Aston Martin Red Bull Racing logo.svg

FvhhJYVq 400x400.jpg

On September 25th 2017 Red Bull announced Aston Martin as main sponsor for 2018[3]. The new logo is similar to 2013 one, but on top of it now seen Aston Martin wordmark and colors became brighter.

Red Bull Racing (third era)

2021 (tentative)

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After Aston Martin rejoined F1 as a constructor Red Bull was left without title sponsor once again.

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