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Manchete M logo.svg
Designer:  Francesc Petit
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

Rede Manchete (named after Bloch Editores' Manchete magazine) was been established after the redistribution of former four TV licenses owned by Diários Associados (Rede Tupi) and one by TV Excelsior, entering on air for the first time on June 5, 1983.[1] Designed by Francesc Petit, the Manchete logo is formed by the capital letter M connected with five circles (or poles, as the designer named), representing Grupo Bloch business (Rádio Manchete AM, Rede Manchete FM, Bloch Editores, Gráfica Bloch, and Rede Manchete de Televisão).[2]

“The request was simply and clear. Jaquito (Pedro Jack Kepeller), director of the group, requested that the brand shows all the five actuation areas: the AM and FM radios, the publisher, the print shop, and the television. I had to join the five elements into an only figure. Wasn't easy to find the way, but I finally come to Manchete's "M", with the five poles at the ends. It was a great solution; the brand conveyed the idea of the world of electronic technology. I was thrilled with the brilliant solution and they approved the brand in no time.”
Francesc Petit[2]

During its trajectory, Rede Manchete faced successive financial problems, which culminated in a failed sale to the businessman Hamilton Lucas de Oliveira, owner of Grupo IBF (who was also a partner of TV Jovem Pan), in 1992.[3] Unable to pay off its debts, Rede Manchete sold its concessions to Amilcare Dallevo Júnior and Marcelo de Carvalho Fragali (owners of Grupo TeleTV) on May 10, 1999, day on which the network was closed.[4] On November 15, 1999, RedeTV! was established, after the Bloch–TeleTV transition period, in which it identified itself simply as TV!.[5]


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