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The first Brazil and Latin America television stations, Rede Tupi de Televisão (from portuguese, Tupi Television Network) was founded in 1950 by Assis Chateaubriand and was defunct in 1980 by the brazilian dictatorship.

TV Tupi


Tv tupi indio
The first logo, is an indian of the Tupiniquim tribe, the symbol who also coined the name "Tupi".

TV Tupi São Paulo


Logo indio

The second logo is used in a São Paulo property and television cameras. The symbol is in a reverted-looking television screen shape, a shield with the form of square & circle, and "CANAL 3" (Channel 3) inside.


Tupi 1960

It's the number 4 in a grey circle.

TV Tupi Rio de Janeiro



Rede Tupi started to broadcast in channel 6 on Rio, in 1951.

Rede Tupi de Televisão


Rede Tupi logo 1972
For the start of color broadcasts in Brazil, three dots (green, red & blue) are added, symbolizing the LED RGB colors, and a grey and black curve, which are transmission waves.



This logo had a non-frequent use on-air, because of problems to innovate the brand. This represents a pinwheel, which can see geometric shapes at a time.



This logo is used because of problems trying to innovate the brand, often it inverted the colors to the red, green and blue order. So this is similar to the fourth logo.


Rede Tupi

The logo became a stylized T with RGB colors.

In 1980, Rede Tupi signed off for the last time. TV Tupi São Paulo was replaced by SBT in 1981, and TV Tupi Rio was replaced by Rede Manchete in 1983, which in 1999 it became RedeTV!.

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