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Rede Vanguarda is a local TV station affiliated to Rede Globo, which operates in São José dos Campos and Taubaté.

Rede Globo Vale do Paraíba



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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Avant Garde

Rede Vanguarda was originally founded as Rede Globo Vale do Paraíba in 1988, operating for São José dos Campos. Its first logo consists of the monochrome Rede Globo logo with its wordmark and the word Vale do Paraíba in the classic ITC Avant Garde typeface. In the IDs, the 3D logo was usually preferred.


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In 1993, the logo was updated to match Rede Globo's 1992 logo. Also, the "Rede Globo" wordmark was removed.

Vanguarda Paulista (1998-2002) / TV Vanguarda (2002-2003)


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When Rede Globo Vale do Paraíba went 10 years old, it was renamed to Vanguarda Paulista as part of an ongoing overhaul. In 2002, it was later renamed to TV Vanguarda, although it used the same logo.

Rede Vanguarda


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In 2003, Vanguarda Paulista was renamed to Rede Vanguarda after the launch of its channel in Taubaté. A new logo was introduced, which consisted in the famous tube with its rainbow-colored borders cut to form a "V".

2003-2004 (official), 2003-2006

Vanguarda 2003.png
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2004-2012 (official), 2006-2012

Vanguarda 2005.png
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Vanguarda new.png
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In 2012, Rede Vanguarda changed the logo after 9 years. The cylinder now is fully metallic, and its interior is formed by rainbow-colored scanlines. This change was made to match Rede Globo's 2008 logo.


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In 2014, the logo was made brighter and the metal is white, to match Rede Globo's 2015 logo.


Vanguarda (2020-1).png
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On 2020, after using the logo for 8 years, Rede Vanguarda changed this logo. This logo follows the trend of flat design and approaches that of Rede Globo's current logo. Now, the "V" is an upside-down triangle with the scanlines, bordered by 2 other white triangles.

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