Rede de Emissoras Independentes (REI) was a Brazilian television network inaugurated on September 14, 1969, succeeding the United Broadcasters Network. It was led by TV Record of São Paulo, along with TV Rio (between 1969 and 1972) and TVS (between 1976 and 1980, for SBT launch in 1980 and relaunch in 1981), both from Rio de Janeiro. Unlike the traditional concept of television network, it consisted of selling tapes of programs produced by its network head for transmission in most of its affiliates, or retransmission via microwave in some of them. The Rede de Emissoras Independentes as broadcast leader of Grupo Paulo Machado de Carvalho and Grupo Silvio Santos. In July 26, 1987, TVS as local television broadcast retired on REI, sometimes in SBT.

Due to RecordTV sold to the leader of Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus in 1989. Rede de Emissoras Independentes was definitely defunct. In 1990, Rede de Emissoras Independentes name change to old Rede Record, before RecordTV.

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