June–November 2017 (prelaunch)

Reshet 13 Prelaunch

November 2017-present

Reshet 13

Reshet (a concessionaire for Channel 2 since its foundation in 1993) got its own TV frequency after Channel 2 closed its operations on 1 November 2017. Keshet Media Group also got its own frequency on Channel 12, while Channel 10 rebranded to Eser and moved to Channel 14.

Reshet 13 launched its HD feed on the same day along with Keshet 12 and Eser.[1]

Reshet 13

Logo in English.

On 8 November 2018, Eser received approval to merge with Reshet 13, creating one channel which would keep the Reshet name; the Eser brand would cease to exist.[2] As a result, Eser's news division was absorbed by Reshet, and Reshet sold its stake in the Israeli News Company, which would then be owned entirely by Keshet.

Eser closed down on the midnight of 16 January 2019. This meant that Israel would once again have only two commercial free-to-air TV stations.[3] This had been the case before 1 November 2017, except that they were now run separately by Keshet and Reshet, rather than the Keshet-Reshet combine that managed Channel 2 (Arutz Shtaim) and a different group that managed Channel 10.

Reshet 13 Icon

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