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Rete 4 (meaning Network 4), or Retequattro, is one of three flagship channels of the leading Italian commercial broadcaster, Mediaset. It has traditionally had lower viewership ratings than co-flagship channels Canale 5 and Italia 1.

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1982–1991 1991–1999 1999–2018 2018–present
1982–1991 1991–1999 1999–2018 2018–present


Rete 4 1982.svg

Rete 4’s first logo consisted of an italicized R, colored in yellow, and a number 4 inside it.


Rete 4 logo old.svg

In 1991, the logo was modified, gaining rounded edges and shadows.


Rete 4 logo.svg

Rete 4 got a new look in 1999. It was created by the London-based company English & Pockett. The logo was straightened up and given an orange colour. This is the longest-lived logo of the channel.



During the talk show Stasera Italia (Italy Tonight) on 12 September 2018, Rete 4 got a new logo after 19 years and a new look. Mediaset presented the new logo during the presentation of the 2018/2019 season. The new logo drops the R and replaces it with a circle.

This rebrand comes a few months after that of Canale 5, which introduced a new logo in April 2018. As with Canale 5, the rebrand was done by Milanese agency Monkey Talkie.

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