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Rio de Janeiro logo for the 2007 Pan American Games

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On August 16, 2003, the Brazilian Olympic Committee released the choice of the new logo of the Pan American Games in 2007.[1][2]

The emblem, created by Dupla Design from Rio de Janeiro, represents the movements and angles of every sport, the boldness of flight and the overcoming of challenges; as well exalts team concept and concentration on a particular objective.

The bird is inspired by the cutouts of the Rio landscape, with the Sugarloaf Mountain contained on its silhouette. Its repetition in movement, different positions, sizes and colors represents equality and fellowship in the union of the different cultures of the Americas.

The vertical design of the numbers "2", "0" and "0" from the urban and contemporary wordmark makes allusions to recording time, to lanes, tracks and courts; also highlighting the "7" as a trophy.[3]

Parapan American Games


2007 Parapan American Games logo

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2007 Parapan American Games logo hz

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The logo was inspired by Playful Art, extracting the same Sugarloaf Mountain outline from the PanAm Games logo' birds as five corners of a star, reffering the para athletes as a star shining in.


2007 Pan American Games mascot

The mascot was revealed to the public without name on July 13, 2006. It was the first time a PanAm / ParapanAm mascot wasn't represented by a typical animal from the host country [4]. The anthropomorphized Sun represents the Rio scenery, the brazilian spirit and the olympic values (the torch, the gold and the champion concept). The mascot’ final name was decided on August 7 after a popular vote, as Cauê, a greeting from the tupi-guarani language [5].

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