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1964–1994, 1970–2014 (Japan)

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Used in Japan until 2014.

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1994–2004, 1994–2015 (Asia)

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This logo was used until 2015 in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

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2005–present, 2005–2020 (United States), 2014–present (Japan), 2015–2020 (Asia)

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2013–2019 (Europe)

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2014–present (Australia), 2020–present (Asia)

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The Australian version of the 2013 look was slightly modified by jazzing up the wordmark. It was later launched on Southeast Asia in 2020.

2019–present (Europe)

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2020–present (United States)

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On April 7, 2020, the logo was changed for the first time in 15 years. This time, the logo's wordmark is slightly redesigned with a bolder look, and is placed on the same blue gradient background as before. Recently, new packages began using this logo, while older packages continued to use the 2005 logo.

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