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1965-1967 1967-1982 1982-1991 1992-1996
1965-1967 1967-1982 1982-1991 1992-1996

Rossiyskiye universitety is a Russian educational (in the end of 70's - early 80's the theme of the channel was mixed) to channel operated by VGTRK from 1992 to 1996. From 1965 to 1991 the channel was operated by Central Television of USSR.

Chetvyortaya programma CT SSSR


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Obrazovatel'naya programma CT SSSR



In 1988, Uchebnaya Programma CT SSSR to rename the network Obrazovatel'naya programma CT SSSR. In 1991, due to the restructuring of the Central Television company of USSR into Ostankino Television company, the channel was closed and replaced by the 4th channel of Ostankino.

Rossiyskiye universitety


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In 1996 Rossiyskiye universitety was closed in order to enlarge broadcasting hours of NTV. In 1997, the channel was replaced by Kultura.

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