1895-mid 1980s

Northern Rugby Union logo

The coat of arms of the then-called Northern Rugby Football Union featured a Tudor rose and the Coats of Arms of the Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumberland counties.

mid 1980s-late 1990s

Rugby Football League XIII Logo

The first logo used by the RFL was an oval shape, representing the ball with XIII and 13 over it and The Rugby Football League around it. The logo was also seen on the sleeve of teams shirts before the first division of the RFL Championship was replaced by the Super League in 1996 as England's top rugby league championship.

late 1990s-2017

300px-Rugby Football League 2005 logo.svg

In the late 1990s the logo was changed to a more simplistic design to the old one. It had a rugby ball shape with three small lines, representing 13 players, and two long lines, representing goalposts, arranged on a rugby ball so as to suggest a hand carrying or passing it. The Rugby Football League was abbreviated to RFL.


New RFL logo

In 2017 the RFL had its most radical rebrand since the formation of Super League. The new logo was a rectangular background meant to represent The George Hotel in Huddersfield, where rugby league was founded and 1895 the year it was founded. Thirteen stripes inside it represent thirteen players. The oval on top represents the ball and the appreciation RFL has been replaced with Rugby Football League.

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