Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg was created in 2003 after the merger of Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg and Sender Freies Berlin.

2003-2004 (on-screen)

RBB Logo alt.svg

May-August 2003 (corporate)

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August 2003-2017 (corporate) (official), August 2003-present (corporate) (secondary), 2004-2017 (on-screen) (official), 2004-present (on-screen) (secondary)

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg was created in May 2003 through the merger of Sender Freies Berlin and Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg. The corporate logo and design, created by DMC, were presented in the autumn of 2003 and implemented gradually during the following year.

In 2017, when Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg got its current corporate logo, this old corporate logo was dismissed from being the main logo and will now be still in use as a secondary logo while the current corporate logo is used as a primary logo.

2017-present (primary)

RBB Fernsehen 2017
Of course, this logo is used as a primary logo while the 2003 logo is still used as a secondary logo.

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