1982–1987 1987–1995 1995–2007 2007–2014 2014–present
1982–1987 1987–1995 1995–2007 2007–2014 2014–present


S4C logo (1982-1988)
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Clearface Heavy
Launched:  1 November 1982

S4C was launched on 1 November 1982 in Wales, one day before Channel 4 in the rest of the United Kingdom, and used the "WALES4CYMRU" logo. S4C stands for "Sianel Pedwar Cymru" which is Welsh for "Channel Four Wales (C4W)".

The launch of S4C was made one day before Channel 4 because Welsh people demanded for years that they were underserved by both the BBC and HTV (which back then was the ITV company for Wales). On off-peak hours, S4C rebroadcast programmes from its English counterpart, Channel 4.


S4C 1988
Designer:  Peter Leonard
Lambie-Nairn (1993 idents)
Typography:  Bodoni Bold
Launched:  2 May 1987

In 1987, the ident changed to a computer-generated ident featuring an animation of the streamlined S4C logo, the colours of the logo were blue, green and red and the font was Bodoni. The early 1990s saw a more "traditional" ident from S4C, depicting a piece of Welsh slate with colour blue green and red washing over the letters S4C.

However, on 1 June 1993, the iconic "Dragon" idents were introduced. Although no actual dragons appear in these idents, they nevertheless have a theme of fire - for example a bin that burps flames and a fan that spreads flames - as symbolic of a dragon.


S4C logo
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Futura modified
Launched:  10 February 1995

Almost two years later on 10 February 1995, S4C introduced a new logo, with a red tilde resembling a dragon's tongue at the end of the S4C wordmark. However, the dragon-inspired idents remained unchanged.

In 1998, S4C launched a 100% Welsh channel, S4C Digidol (S4C Digital).


S4C logo 2007
Designer:  Proud Creative
Freefarm (soundtrack)
Typography:  S4C Sans
(Based on Typ 1451)
Launched:  18 January 2007

This logo was introduced on 18 January 2007. It was part of a total rebrand of the channel made by Proud Creative. In the rebrand, stereotypical Welsh icons such as dragons were avoided in favour of an "inherently Welsh" tone.

With analogue switchover completing on 31st March 2010, S4C no longer aired Channel 4 programmes on their network.[1][2][3][4][5][6]


S4C 2014
Designer:  Sugar Creative
Typography:  Syntax Bold (logo)
Gotham Narrow (brand)
Launched:  10 April 2014

A new S4C logo and brand developed by Sugar Creative was introduced on 10 April 2014; the new design was developed around a concept of providing "context" to S4C's target audience and programming. The design revolves heavily around a trapezoidal shape used within the channel's new logo, which is prominently used within aspects of the channel's overall marketing and branding.[7]