Internacional (1909-1960)


Internacional (1978)


Internacional (1980)

The two stars are for the achievements of the national championships in 1975 and 1976.


Internacional (1982)

In 1980, it adds one more star and a branch of laurel won the national title in 1979. The branch of laurels is the invincibility of conquest hitherto unheard.


Internacional (1983)

First change the letters of logo since the foundation in 1909.


INT (1983)

Blondes are retired and only get three stars.

1993-August 2006

Internacional (1993)

With the title of national cup in 1992 adds up to fourth star.

August 2006-December 2006

Internacional (2006)

Once lasted only four months between the achievements of Copa Libertadores and FIFA Club World Cup.

December 2006-June 2007

Internacional (2006-2007)

It adds up to sixth star silver color for winning the FIFA Club World Cup in 2006.

June 2007-April 2009

Internacional (2007)

The six stars are removed and placed a branch and a silver crown for the Triple Crown (winning the Copa Libertadores, the FIFA Club World Cup, and Recopa Sudamericana in less than a year) won in 2007.

April 2009-present

Internacional (2009)

A silver crown and branch are removed and the old logo is now central circled by a white circular band with escription: "S.C. Internacional 1909".

1982-2009 (Unofficial)

Internacional (1982-2009)

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