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1963-1985 1985-1999 1999-2011 2011-present

SRG SSR (first era)


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SRG SSR (second era)


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Logo used to represent Eurovision.

SRG SSR idée suisse


SRG SSR idée suisse.svg

The company adopted the new name SRG SSR idée suisse on March 26, 1999. The old logo was confined to history at the same time.

SRG SSR (third era)


SRG SSR logo 2011.svg

In early May 2010, SRG SSR presented a new visual identity for the entire corporation. The project included creating similar logos for the four language departments. All logos are made up of red rectangles with white letters. The slogan "idée suisse" will cease to be a part of the name and logo.

The newly created French division for both radio and television, Radio Télévision Suisse, had revealed its identity in late April and is introducing the new identity gradually over the following months.

In January 2011, the new logo was adopted for the corporation, as well as for the Romansh department Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha and the German department Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen.

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