1956–1957 1957–1980 1980–2001 2001–2006 2006–2016 2016–present
1956–1957 1957–1980 1980–2001 2001–2006 2006–2016 2016–present

Sveriges Television (Swedish Television), abbreviated as SVT, is the public TV broadcaster of Sweden. It was formed in 1979 after splitting from Sveriges Radio, which was responsible for both radio and TV until then.

Radiotjänst TV


Radiotjänst logo.png

Sveriges Radio TV


SverigesRadio 1957.svg



SVT logo 1980.svg

This was SVT's first logo. It was introduced in the autumn of 1980. It was created by the British graphic designer Sid Sutton. The logo consists of the letters in SVT's name made up of three divided stripes. The stripes were coloured green, red and blue, but the logo was often presented in only one colour



SVT 2002.svg
Designer:  English & Pockett
Typography:  Myriad
Launched:  January 15, 2001

The "starflower" logo was introduced on 15 January 2001. It was created by Timothy Wilkinson and Darrell Pockett of English & Pockett. All of SVT’s TV channels introduced new logos featuring the starflower on that day.


SVT 2006.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Myriad
Launched:  2006

One disadvantage of the new logo proved to be that the company name was too small and was not clearly visible at a distance. An altered logo was developed by Forsman & Bodenfors and was implemented gradually, starting in early 2006.

SVT rebranded its TV channels with new logos and graphics packages in 2008, dropping the starflower symbol for its channels (though it remained for the SVT corporate logo) and writing the name of the channel (1, 2, 24 or B) next to it in the Helvetica Neue typeface. The logos were placed in a box. This box was removed with the next TV rebrand in 2012, though the logos stayed the same otherwise.


SVT 2016.svg
Designer:  Happy F&B
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  November 25, 2016

As part of the 60-year anniversary celebration, a new visual design was introduced on 25 November 2016. The new logo contains only letters without the "starflower" symbol or background. All TV channels introduced new logos once more, in addition to the video-on-demand service SVT Play.