SVT24 is the news channel of SVT, the Swedish public television broadcaster. Despite its name, it is not a 24-hour news channel, but shares its slot with the children’s channel SVT Barn (formerly Barnkanalen). This has been the case since 18 January 2010, where SVT Barn broadcasts during most of the morning and afternoon hours, and SVT24 takes over in the evening. Until that date, SVT24 was a 24-hour channel.


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SVT24 logo 1999


SVT24 logo 2001

All SVT's news programmes were rebranded by English & Pockett in September 2001.


SVT24 logo 2003

SVT24 was relaunched as "24" on February 24, 2003. The logo and graphics for the channel were grey and green. The new logo was created by Wirström Design and SVT's graphics artist Marika Lindgren.[1]


SVT24 logo 2007

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A new look for SVT24 was developed by Kaktus Film in 2007.


SVT24 logo 2008

On August 25, 2008, all SVT channels got new logos, designed by Liberty Stockholm.[2] SVT24 kept its previous graphics, but had the logo replaced.


SVT24 logo 2012


SVT24 2016

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