SVT Barn (SVT Children), known as Barnkanalen (Children’s Channel) from its launch in 2002 until 2019, is the children’s channel of SVT, the Swedish public television broadcaster. Since 18 January 2010, it has shared its slot with news channel SVT24; SVT Barn broadcasts for most of the day, with SVT24 taking over in the evening.

SVT Barn’s Norwegian counterpart, NRK Super, has a similar timesharing arrangement where it airs until the evening when the youth channel NRK3 comes on air, NRK having no dedicated news channel.


2002–2006 2006–2008 2008–2012 2012–2016 2016–2019 2019–present
2002–2006 2006–2008 2008–2012 2012–2016 2016–2019 2019–present



Barnkanalen 2002.png
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Barnkanalen was launched on December 23, 2002. Its original logo and channels graphics were developed by the Danish company TV-Animation, who specialise in live animation.[1]

SVT Barnkanalen (first era)


SVT Barnkanalen 2006.png

The launch graphics used by Barnkanalen were considered too much targeted on younger children. When SVT launched Bobster for pre-teens in early 2006, Barnkanalen got a new identity suitable for both younger and older children.[2] The new identity was produced by Kaktus Film and featured a playful yellow B.



SVTB logo 2008.svg

All SVT channels got new logos on August 25, 2008. The new logos were created by Liberty Stockholm. At the same time, the channel started using the name SVTB, but the name "Barnkanalen" continued to be used. The graphics were created inhouse by Marika Lindgren.

SVT Barnkanalen (Second era)


SVT Barnkanalen logo 2012.png

SVT changed its logos again in 2012, removing the box holding shape, and the name Barnkanalen returned to the logo. It wass big red letters and in the upper right corner was the SVT logo.


SVT Barnkanalen 2016.png

SVT changed its logo in November 2016. Barnkanalen updated its logo accordingly.

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SVT Barn


SVT Barn 2019.svg

On 18 June 2019, SVT Barnkanalen was renamed to SVT Barn.

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