(1980–1987: Changing logo use end date to 1989)
(1987–1994: Changing logo start date from 1987 to 1989)
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Safeway Medallion

Safeway in the United Kingdom was created in 1962 when the American Safeway expanded its business overseas. Therefore, the UK Safeway used the same logos as the US until the company was sold to Argyll Foods in 1987.




Safeway logo

In 1987, when Argyll Foods purchased Safeway, they adopted Safeway as the brand name for many of their supermarkets. They also adopted a new logo which was subtly different from the previous American incarnation. They had a smoother version of the "S" and a simplified font which harked back to the logo Safeway had used before 1980.



The "S" logo was ditched in 1994. However, the font was retained from th 1987 logo and a curved underline was added.

Logo ltl

The logo with their slogan "Lightening the Load" in their new corporate green. The slogan version of the logo was displayed on lorries and promotional literature as well as some in-store signage.


Safeway UK

The logo was updated for the final time in 2000. The underline was kept but the font was updated. It now used lowercase letters and was italic, creating a friendlier feel.

105784 safeway

An alternate version of the logo was also used when the company had been bought by Morrisons.

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