Safeway was a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores in the United Kingdom.


Safeway Medallion

The American Safeway logo.



American Safeway logo used until Argyll purchased Safeway in 1987.


File:Safeway edited-1.jpg

In 1987, when Argyll Foods purchased Safeway, they adopted Safeway as the brand name for many of their supermarkets. They also adopted a new logo which was subtly different from the previous American incarnation. They had a smoother version of the "S" and a simplified font which harked back to the logo Safeway had used before 1980.



Safeway lost the "S" logo in 1994 and instead adopted a curved libe underneath their name. They retained the 1987 font and colour red.

Logo ltl

The logo with their slogan "Lightening the Load" in their new corporate green. The slogan version of the logo was displayed on lorries and promotional literature as well as some in-store signage.


Safeway UK

Before Safeway was bought by Morrisons, this was their final British Logo.

105784 safeway

This was an alternate version of the logo when it had been bought by Morrisons.

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