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Discovery Science Network


Discovery Science 1996

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Science was first launched as Discovery Science Network in 1996.

Discovery Science Channel


Discovery Science 1998

Discovery Science Network was rebranded as Discovery Science Channel in 1998.

The Science Channel


The Science Channel

In April 2002, Discovery Science Channel was rebranded as The Science Channel. The network's new identity was created by Concrete Pictures.[1]


The Science Channel 2005

This altered logo was adopted in 2005.

Science Channel


Science Channel

The Science Channel received a complete graphical overhaul on December 22, 2007, removing the word "The" from its name and becoming simply Science Channel. Its new identity was made by Thornberg & Forester, and included a completely new logo. The logo features the letters "Sc", which are also the same letters used in the symbol for the element Scandium. The typeface used is a modified version of ITC Avant Garde Gothic.

Sometime in 2010, Discovery Communications introduced a 3D version of the logo, which was also used as a onscreen bug.



Science channel 2011logo

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On June 8, 2011, Science Channel adopted a new look. It also dropped the word "Channel" from its name, making it simply known as Science. This logo was nicknamed the "Morph".


Science 2016 (full version)

On December 23, 2016, Discovery Communications debuted a new logo for Science after five years.

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