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1886–1923 1923–1958 1958–1966 1966–1984 1984–1994
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1994–2004 2004–2010 2010–2019 2019–2020 2020–present

Sears Roebuck and Company


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This is Sears' first logo from when it began as a mail order catalog. This logo is still used in rate instances for some promotional items. A modified version of the logo that simply says "Roebuck and Co." is also being used on jeans.



Sears 1923.svg


Sears 1958.svg

The font became Goudy Old Style. It was briefly seen in a Sears commercial from 1987.





Sears logo (1984-1994).svg

In 1984, the logo was updated to the Helvetica typeface with white lines inside the letters. It is still seen in some entrances inside some malls.

Sears logo (1994-2004).svg

This is a modified version of the 1984 logo. It is still in use in Mexico, and it used to widely be seen in the United States despite being succeeded by four other logos. It is still in use at a few stores and malls in the United States, but since so many stores are currently closing, not a lot are left to this day.

Sears logo 2004.svg

In November 2004, following the merger with Kmart and the creation of the Sears Holdings, the "ears" part was changed to lowercase. Like the previous logo, it is still in use at some stores, but it's less common to see than the previous logo. It is still used for several of Sears' subsidiaries such as Sears Grand and Sears Archives, and also in their Canada operations until 2016. Sears Centre kept this logo until it finally updated in 2019.



Sears logo 2010.svg

In late 2010, the entire font on the wordmark was changed and made lowercase. For some reason, however, this looks similar to the logo seen at the beginning of the 1987 Christmas commercial here.


Sears 2019.svg

Sears' logo changed to a more positive image after emerging from bankruptcy in early 2019 under a new parent company called "Transformco". The Sears wordmark is slightly boldened, and the logo includes a new icon is an "infinity loop" with a light green gradient. Their new slogan is, "Making Moments Matter."

Sears 2020.svg

On January 29, 2020, Sears' logo received a minor change: the wordmark stays the same but the icon is slightly different. The "loop" is gone, making it resemble a house, or "home." It is not explained why this change was made, though it is possibly due to the logo looking too similar to Airbnb.

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