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Sears Roebuck and Company


Sears Roebuck & Company.jpg
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Sears first began as a mail order catalog in 1886. This logo is still used in rare instances for some promotional items. A modified version of the logo that simply says "Roebuck and Co." is also being used on jeans.


Sears - 1940s.png
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During this logo's usage, Sears, Roebuck, and Co. used many different wordmarks.



Sears - 1945x.svg


Sears - 1949x.svg

195?–196?, 2007–2018 (store concept)

Sears - 1950sx.svg
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In 2007, Sears unveiled a "classic" store concept located in Duluth, GA, using this logo. Its use was stopped again after the store concept shut down in 2018.


Sears - 1960.png
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Sears - 1961.png
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This was the precursor to the well-known box logo, and was used as an alternate at the bottom of newspaper advertisements.


Sears - 1966.svg


Sears - 1968.svg


Sears - 1981.svg



Sears logo (1984-1994).svg
Designer:  Bob Girsen & Associates
Typography:  Neue Helvetica 96 Black Italic
Launched:  July 1, 1984

This logo was designed by Bob Girsen & Associates and launched on July 1, 1984.

According to an AP article from June 30, 1984, Bob Girsen (president of BG&A), said of the old logo: "... the old logo was limited in terms of the size, colors, and symbols that could be placed alongside it." According to Girsen, the new typeface was designed to be versatile, bold, and progressive. The letters themselves - all capitals - display strength and boldness. They were italicised "to suggest a sense of controlled forward motion". The main challenge according to Girsen was to make it work on a variety of products, from dresses to tractors. "We modified it with a line that can carry color. And the color of the stroke can be varied. It can be very soft and light without appearing weak. Or it can be very bold and strong without appearing ungraceful."[1] Some surviving mall locations continue to use this logo.


Sears logo (1994-2004).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Neue Helvetica 96 Black Italic
Launched:  October 1, 1994

This is a modified version of the 1984 logo, first used by Sears HomeLife Furniture stores on September 24, 1994. It was not rolled out as an official logo until October 1st of that same year. This logo was still used by the Mexican division until 2013, however in red form. It used to widely be seen in the United States despite being succeeded by four other logos years later, and because of this some locations continue to use this logo, but since many stores are currently closing, not a lot are left to this day.


Sears logo 2004.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Neue Helvetica 96 Black Italic
Launched:  September 11, 2004

In November 2004, following the merger with Kmart and the creation of the Sears Holdings, the "ears" part was changed to lowercase. Like the previous logo, it is still in use at some stores, but it's not as common as the previous logo. This logo is still used for several of Sears' subsidiaries such as Sears Grand and Sears Archives, and also in their Canada operations until 2016. Sears Centre kept this logo until it finally updated in 2019.



Sears logo 2010.svg

In late 2010, the font of the wordmark was changed, while also making all of the letters lowercase. However, this looks very similar to the logo seen at the beginning of the 1987 Christmas commercial [2].


Sears 2019.svg

Sears' logo changed to a more positive image after emerging from bankruptcy in early 2019 under a new parent company called "Transformco". The Sears wordmark was boldened, and the logo includes a new icon that's an "infinity loop" with a light green gradient. They also introduced a new slogan, "Making Moments Matter".

Sears 2020.svg

On January 29, 2020, Sears' logo received a minor change: the wordmark remained unchanged but the icon was slightly modified. The "loop" was removed, making it resemble a house, or "home." It is not explained why this change was made, though it is possibly due to the previous logo looking too similar to Airbnb's.


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