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Sears Roebuck and Company


Sears Roebuck & Company

This is Sears' first logo from when it began as a mail order catalog. This logo is still used on occasion for promotional items.



Sears Original logo

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Sears 1967

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The font became Goudy Old Style.




Sears logo (1984-1994)

In 1984, the logo was updated to the Helvetica typeface with white lines inside the letters.


Sears logo (1994-2004)

This is a modified version of the 1984 logo. It is still in use in Mexico, and is still widely seen in the United States despite being succeeded by two other logos. It is still in use at several stores and malls in the United States and at the location at Arden Fair Mall in West Sacramento.


Sears logo 2004

In November 2004, following the merger with Kmart and the creation of the Sears Holdings Corporation, the "ears" part was changed to lowercase. This logo is still used for several of Sears' subsidiaries, and also in Canada until 2016.


Sears logo 2010

In late 2008, the entire font on the wordmark was changed and made lowercase.


Sears 2019

Sears' logo changed to a more positive image after emerging from bankruptcy in early 2019. The Sears wordmark is still the same, but bolder, then the new icon is an "infinity loop" with a light green gradient. Their new slogan is, "Making Moments Matter."

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