1953–1966 1966–1984 1984–1988
1953–1966 1966–1984 1984–1988

Sears Roebuck del Perú was the first department store from abroad to arrive in Peru in November 1953. After Sears retired from the South American market, the store was redesigned to become SAGA, the future Peruvian subsidiary of Falabella.


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What is now known as Falabella Peru was initiated by the US chain Sears, under the name of Sears Roebuck of Peru.
This first incarnation of the brand began in 1951 through a catalog sales office, officially set up in November 1953 under the brand "Sears Roebuck del Perú SA" and inaugurating its first establishment in the district of San Isidro on September 15, 1955 .

The first logo was the same from the American Sears store used between 1923 and 1958, however, despite the change of its American counterpart logo in 1958 and which would last until 1966, the logo was still used for the newly inaugurated Peruvian counterpart.



In 1966, the store used the same American Sears logo (a rectangle border with the letters "Sears"), used by Sears between 1966 and 1994.


Sears Perú 1984.svg

In 1984, shortly before Sears withdrew from the South American market, a provisional logo was used, consisting of the letters "sears" in typography similar to Eurostile, different from its American counterpart which also changed its logo the same year.

In 1988, Sears retires from Peru and the company was reformulated, becoming the "Sociedad Andina de Grandes Almacenes", also known as "SAGA".

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