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Service Games Sega (1956) Sega 1976 Sega
1945–1961 1956–1975 1975–1982 1982–present

Standard Games


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Sega was founded in 1940 as Standard Games to provide amusement games to military services in the United States.

Service Games


Service Games

Sega's first easily reproducible and standardized logo came into force during the late 1950s.



Sega (1956)

This logo is typically red, and is thought to be using a unique typeface invented by Sega.


Sega 1976

At some point in 1975, Sega adopted their current logo: a blue wordmark, sometimes sporting a white border. As with their previous logos, the origins of this design are unknown, although it is thought to have been derived from the Yagi Double typeface, which was widely used during the 1970s by companies such as CNN.



Modifications were made to the typeface in 1982. While there have been slight tweaks to the shape over the decades, the logo has remained largely consistent since the early 1980s.

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