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Sega Corporation is a Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company based in Tokyo that develops and/or publishes games under the Sega and Atlus brands and also has mutiple subsidiaries in the fields of mobile games, animation, amusement machine games and toys. It is a subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings, serving as the company handling its entertainment contents business segment which was formed in 2004 after the Sammy Corporation took over Sega.

Nihon Goraku Busan[]


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Sega Enterprises, Ltd.[]


Sega (1956)

In 1965, the company was renamed to Sega Enterprises after the company acquired Rosen Enterprises. In 1969, Gulf+Western purchased Sega Enterprises and became a subsidiary of US-based Sega Enterprises, Inc. in 1974.


Sega (1975)



A management buyout, led by Computer Service would buy Sega Enterprises in 1984.


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Sega Corporation (first era)[]


Sega Corporation

In 2000, following the success of the Dreamcast. Sega Enterprises rebranded to Sega Corporation as the company's research and development branches became separate studios that were housed under Sega. Because of this, the company adapted Sega as its global corporate name, officially retiring the Sega Enterprises name that was used in Japan for good. This structure lasted until 2004 when the companies were merged back into Sega due to the Sega Sammy merger.

Sega Holdings[]


Sega Holdings

In 2015, Sega reorganized and became Sega Holdings as Sega Sammy began consolidating their entertainment assets under the Sega division as part of a major restructuring. Sega was split into two companies for the first time, Sega Corporation merged with Sega Networks to become Sega Games while Sega's amusement machine division became Sega Interactive.

Sega Corporation (second era)[]



In 2020, Sega Games and Sega Interactive were merged back into Sega Corporation.