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Sega Mega Drive (Japan) (1988-1996) Sega Genesis Sega Genesis logo Mega Drive Logo
1988–1996 1989–1993 1993–1999 1990–1997

1988–1996 (Japan/Asia); 2019–present (Mega Drive Mini)

MegaDrive-J NoB FIX
Sega Mega Drive (Japan) (1988-1996)

1989–1999 (United States)

1989–1993; 2019–present (Sega Genesis Mini)

Sega Genesis


Sega Genesis logo

This logo was used on spines of newer Genesis games and on the boxes of Genesis consoles shipped after 1993. The official name of the platform in North America was shortened to simply "Genesis", dropping the "Sega" logotipe.

1990–1997 (Europe); 2019–present (Sega Mega Drive Mini)

Mega Drive Logo

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