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Selecta was founded in 1933 when Ramon Arce started pasteurizing carabao milk near his home in Novaliches (then a part of Caloocan City), where carabaos were in abundance (Unilever RFM Ice Cream, Inc. would cite the brand’s foundation year as 1948.).


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By the 1970s, Selecta’s carabao milk-based ice cream and fresh milk became available in supermarkets. Its milk was packaged in glass bottles while its ice cream was packaged in gold-colored tin containers.

1990–1999 (ice cream), 1990–2010 (milk)

Selecta old logo (1).png
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When RFM acquired Selecta from the Arce family, it used this classical logo. Unlike the other Unilever Heartbrand companies present by that time which had names shown on a circle on a red and white awning (RFM did not start its partnership with Unilever that time), Selecta used its classical logo, later used by its sister milk division founded in 1997 (which was later updated in 2010 removing the classical shape, retaining the classic Selecta text, and laying it on a new heart shape similar to this division's previous and current logos).


Selecta 1998.svg

In February 1999, after RFM partnered with Unilever to strengthen Selecta's market share in the ice cream segment of the Philippines, Selecta was welcomed into the Unilever Heartbrand product line of ice cream. Later on, Selecta gained its own Heartbrand logo. This logo consisted of a red heart with yellow shades, and a script-like Selecta text. Also it expands operations in Comoros and Tanzania.


Selecta logo 4.png
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When Unilever updated the Heartbrand logo, Selecta used this logo until early 2003, consisting of the newly updated Heartbrand logo, and the retained script-like Selecta text, which was the temporary new logo of Selecta, used until early 2003 when the official new Selecta logo was unveiled. This logo was later officially abandoned in 2006, in which Selecta had full usage of its official new logo.

2003–present (ice cream)

Selecta's logo.png
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In 2003, Selecta finally abandoned the script-like text of the company, officially giving way to the newly refreshed Selecta logo, consisting of the newly updated Heartbrand logo (which was the new logo's only retained feature), and the new all-capitalized Selecta text. 3 years later, Selecta had full usage of this logo (finally abandoning the updated late 2002 logo), and within that time, the logo made the Heartbrand symbol more iconic in the Philippines. This logo is currently used to this day.

2010–present (milk)

Blue Selecta Logo.png
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The logo, consisting of the classical Selecta text placed on a blue heart with gradients, is used by the milk business of Selecta, which is still operated by RFM.