My Sesame Street Home Video



This was the "My Sesame Street Home Video" logo featuring an animated Cookie Monster taking a bite out of the Sesame Street sign. It's usage became obselete in 1996-1997, when it was replaced by the following logo. The 1994 version of this logo is left intact in the 1996 Sony Wonder VHS version/1998 Australian VHS print Sesame Street VHS tape/episode “The Best of Elmo” (1994) and the 1998 British VHS print of the Sesame Street VHS episode “Do The Alphabet” and this logo is intact in the 2000 Sesame Workshop VHS version of the Sesame Street VHS episode "Do the Alphabet" (1996) in the 2008/2012/2016 print (as seen on the Rohail Hashmi YouTube channel) of “The Best of Elmo” (1994).

Sesame Street Home Video



A new animated logo was introduced in 1996 with Elmo and his friends making the words "Home Video" and Elmo places the words "Home Video" under the Sesame Street sign.

The CTW version is left intact in the 2001 DVD version of the 1998 Sesame Street VHS episode "Alphabet Jungle".




In mid-2000, the "CTW" was omitted on the top, leaving it blank. In late-2000, when Children’s Television Workshop becomes Sesame Workshop, the "CTW" got replaced by the "123".

The company shut down after late-2001.

This version of this logo is left on/in the 2006 Australian DVD print of the Sesame Street episode "Get Up and Dance" (1996-1997).

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