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SAS-10 Adelaide


SAS10 1965-68.png

SAS-7 Adelaide began transmission on 26 July 1965 as SAS-10. The callsign stood for South Australian Telecasters South Australia.


SAS10 1966-71.JPG

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SASTEN 1969.png

In 1971, South Australian Telecasters was purchased by TVW Enterprises.


Channel 10 Adelaide (1972-1985).svg

In April 1980, SAS-10 open their new translator in the Adelaide Foothills on UHF-52 (the first UHF TV translator in Australia, prior to the launch of SBS TV). When SBS TV began transmission in Adelaide in 1985, SAS-10 moved their translator to UHF-55.


ATV10 1980-84.svg

This logo was used for a brief period by in 1984.

Ten Adelaide


Ten 1983-88.svg

SAS Adelaide adopted this logo on 19 October 1985.

Seven Adelaide


Seven (1975).svg

On 27 December 1987, both SAS-10 and ADS-7 switched ownership with SAS joining the Seven Network. With SAS-10 being owned by TVW-7 Perth, it made sense to just "swap" the two channels in Adelaide. It was made easier as both SAS and ADS broadcasted from the same tower on Mount Lofty, so it was just a matter of swapping the plugs of the Seven and Ten transmitters.


Seven (1989).svg


Seven Network 2000.svg


Seven (2000).svg

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