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The channel is available via the VAST Satellite as Seven Central North in Australian Eastern Standard Time in Northern Territory and Queensland (Northern Australia TV3 licence area), and as Seven Central South in Australian Eastern Summer Time in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Norfolk Island (South Eastern Australia TV3 licence area). Seven Central is also available in Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea through the HiTRON subscription television service.




ITQ-8 Mount Isa began transmission on 11 September 1971 and converted to colour in May 1975. The callsign stood for Mount Isa Telecasters Queensland. A relay station would be later set up at Cloncurry on UHF-68.


Itq8 1975.png



Queensland Satellite Television


QSTV (1988).png

QQQ began transmission on 24 April 1988 as QSTV. The station was owned by Telecasters North Queensland (owners of NQTV) and used the same logo as NQTV. In 1990, ITQ was purchased and became a relay of QQQ. The callsign stood for Queensland Queensland Queensland.

QTV Mount Isa


QTV 1991-93(REVISED).png

On 24 December 1990, QSTV was renamed QTV and used the same logo as TNQ upon its aligning with Network Ten.

Ten Satellite


Ten 1991-99.svg

QTV Mount Isa was renamed Ten Satellite in 1993. In December 1998, the ITQ and QQQ signals were aggregated with that of Imparja Television into the Remote Central and Eastern Australia licence area.

Seven Central (first era)


Seven Central 1999.png

On 1 February 1999, ITQ/QQQ changed its affiliation from Network Ten to the Seven Network and was rebranded Seven Central, as a straight relay of Seven Darwin with local ads.


Seven Central 2000-2003.png

In July 2001, Telecasters Australia was purchased by Southern Cross Broadcasting, with the station's name eventually changing in 2005 to Southern Cross Central.


Seven (2003).svg

Southern Cross Central


Southern Cross.svg

Seven Central (second era)


Seven Central Logo (2018).png

On 1 July 2018, the station changed their name back to Seven Central.

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