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GTS-4 Port Pirie


GTSBKN 1968 logo.png

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GTS-4 Port Pirie began transmission on 1 March 1968. Its coverage later expanded with the addition of relay stations GTS-5 Port-Lincoln and GTS-8 Cornwell. The callsign stood for Spencer Gulf Telecasters South Australia.


GTSBKN 1971 logo.jpg

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BKN-7 Broken Hill


BKN7 1968-76.png

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BKN-7 Broken Hill began transmission on 16 August 1968. The callsign stood for BroKen Hill New South Wales.



GTSBKN 1972 logo.jpg

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GTS-BKN 1980-90.png

In 1974, both GTS and BKN merged to form Spencer Gulf Telecasters and broadcasted under the name GTS/BKN Television. Each station also used a localised variant logo with “GTS-4” or “BKN-7” inside the white circle as seen on “Standing By for Relay” holding slides and station letterheads.

Central Television Network GTS/BKN


Central Television (1991).png

In 1991, the station started broadcasting under the name Central GTS/BKN. This logo would have also been used by Imparja Television in Alice Springs, SES-8 in Mount Gambier and RTS-5a in Loxton in addition to GTS/BKN around the same time. GTS/BKN would be the only channel to use this branding on-air.

Central Television GTS/BKN


Central Television (1996).png

In 2000, the station was bought by Southern Cross Broadcasting but retained the name 'Central' until 2006. In 2003, Spencer Gulf Telecasters won the right to broadcast a second station in the same area. On 1 January 2004, SGS-42/SCN-9A began transmission as Ten-affiliated station Southern Cross Ten.

Southern Cross GTS/BKN



In January 2006, the station was renamed Southern Cross GTS/BKN and adopted the logo used by TNT Tasmania, TND Darwin and QQQ Central. On 31 October 2010, a third station GDS-42/BDN-7 began transmission as a relay of Nine Network programs from Sydney and Adelaide. This logo was still being used as a secondary logo until January 2019.

Seven Spencer Gulf/Broken Hill


7 Spencer Gulf.png
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On 1 July 2018, the stations were rebranded to Seven Spencer Gulf and Seven Broken Hill, however the Seven GTS/BKN branding is mainly used.