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TVW-7 Perth


TVW 7 1959

TVW-7 Perth began transmission on 16 October 1959. Starting in 1965, TVW-7 and rival STW-9 launched a joint company entitled TV Facilities to allow the two Perth channels to share access to networked programs from the east coast. The callsign stood for TeleVision Western Australia.


TVW 7 1970

This logo was also used by HSV-7 in Melbourne (now Seven Melbourne) from 1956 to 1969. In 1971, TVW Enterprises was purchased by Adelaide station SAS-10 (now Seven Adelaide).


TVW-7 (1975)

This was used by TVW-7 between March 1975 and October 1977 when it adoped the rainbow logo used by the eastern states. A variant featuring the callsign 'TVW' in the middle was used on the station's mobile telecaster trucks.

Seven Perth


Seven (1975)

In 1978, TVW-7 finally took on an affiliation and aligned itself with Seven's eastern stations. In 1982, both TVW-7 and SAS-10 were purchased by Robert Holmes à Court's Bell Group.


Seven (1989)


Seven Network 2000


Seven (2000)

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