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WBQ-8 Wide Bay/Maryborough


WBQ-8 (1965).png

WBQ-8 Wide Bay/Maryborough began transmission on 10 April 1965. Relay stations were later set up at Black Mountain (Gympie) on VHF-1 and at Mulguidie (Monto) on VHF-5. The callsign stood for Wide Bay Queensland.


WBQ TV 1972.png


WBQ-8 (1973).png


WBQ-8 (1974).png


WBQ-8 (1976).png

In 1976, another translator was setup at Nambour (Dulong) on VHF-10. A similar stylised logo resembling this one would later be used by NBC affiliate WFLA-TV in Tampa–St. Petersburg, Florida, in the U.S. from 1982 to 1989.

SEQ Sunshine Television


SEQ-8 (1977).png

In 1977, WBQ-8 changed their callsign to SEQ, which stood for South East Queensland and their on-air identity to SEQ Sunshine Television. In 1988, SEQ-10 moved to UHF-55.

MVQ-6 Mackay


MVQ-6 (1968).png

MVQ-6 Mackay began transmission on 9 August 1968. By the early 1970s, their coverage would expand with a translator station in Collinsville on VHF-11. Later, more translator stations would be installed at Nebo and Clermont on VHF-8, Moranbah on VHF-11, Dysart on VHF-6, Middlemount on VHF-10, and Glenden on UHF-32. The callsign stood for Mackay Vision Queensland.


MVQ-6 (1972).png


MVQ6 1973-82.jpg

Logopedia Info.svg




Mvq6 tropicaltelevision.jpg

Logopedia Info.svg

In 1982, MVQ-6 changed their on-air identity to Tropical Television, as part of their campaign. In 1987, both MVQ-6 and SEQ-8 are purchased by Christopher Skase's Qintex Limited.

Sunshine Television Network



Sunshine Television 1990.png

On 31 December 1990, Regional Queensland was aggregated and both SEQ-8 Maryborough and MVQ-6 Mackay were merged into the Sunshine Television Network, a Seven Network affiliate. The official callsign is STQ and it stands for Sunshine Television Queensland. On the same day, coverage expands into Cairns and the Southern Downs on UHF-33, Darling Downs/Toowoomba on UHF-35, Rockhampton on UHF-31, and Townsville on UHF-34.


Sunshine Television 1991.png

Following the collapse of Qintex, ownership of Sunshine Television Network is transferred to Gosford Communications in 1992.

Seven Queensland


Seven (1989).svg

In July 1995, Sunshine Television Network was purchased by Seven, and became Seven Queensland.


Seven Network 2000.svg


Seven (2000).svg

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