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RTS-5A Riverland


RTS-5A (1976).png

RTS-5A began transmission on 26 November 1976 and served Loxton, Renmark, and Riverland. The callsign stood for Riverland Television South Australia.


RTS-5A (1983).png

In the 1990s, RTS was bought by the owners of SES-8.

WIN South Australia


WINtv 1989.svg

On 15 August 1999, WIN Television acquired SES and RTS and integrated them into the WIN Television network, with the branding now matching that of the Nine Network.


WINtv 2001.svg

On 1 January 2004, WIN Television introduced a Network Ten station, WIN Ten (MGS-41/LRS-34) as the second commercial television station in the region. Following this, SES/RTS became a primary Nine Network affiliate with only sports programs being acquired from the Seven Network.



On 7 August 2009, WIN recommenced broadcasting Channel Nine as a digital-only service (SES Digital (SDS-5) in Spencer Gulf and RTS Digital (RDS-5) in the Riverland) starting on 4 October 2009. The channel is a direct feed of NWS-9 with local commercials in place of the Adelaide feed.





Seven Riverland


Seven (2003).svg

After SES/RTS' analogue signal was switched off on 15 December 2010, the channels WIN SA, WIN Nine and WIN Ten were renamed Seven SA, WIN SA and Ten SA. MGS/LRS now only shows Network Ten programming after aligning with them on 1 July 2016.

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