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Bid-up TV was launched in 2000. Its original identity was created by Kemistry.[1]


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Bid-up.tv introduced a new look in April 2003.[2]

bid tv


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On 21 January 2005, the channel was rebranded Bid TV to reflect the fact that more of its auctions followed the Price-Drop TV format, meaning that bidders were only rarely bidding "up". Bid TV no longer broadcast any rising-price auctions. A new graphic was added in October 2005 to show the start price of falling price auctions.



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On 1 August 2011 'Bid TV' changed its name to 'Bid' dropping the 'TV' part of their name. Along with the new name, new buying graphics were introduced on all three Bid Shopping channels and new idents compromising of different 3D products flying around the new logo designs were shown. The new design was created to make buying easier for the viewer. At the same time as the new channel design, multi-buy was introduced on certain products where the viewer can select to buy more than one product at the same time (P&P is still applied to each item).

Shop at Bid


Shop at Bid.png

Bid was rebranded as Shop at Bid on 10 March 2014. Just over a month later on 17 April 2014, Bid Shopping, went into administration, which resulted in Shop at Bid and Price Drop closing. However the website is still online except this logo is not used instead the 2011 logo was used[3]

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