When the show Rumors: Facts and Humors (spearheaded by Alfie Lorenzo) ended in 1988, ABS-CBN premiered three other showbiz talk shows as its predecessors, Showbiz na Showbiz (1986-1987), Sine Sine, a comedy inspired talk show (1988), and Cinemascoop, a 60 minutes daily late afternoon entertainment news talk show before TV Patrol as a pre-programmed show (hosted by Boy de Guia) (1988-1989), which did not last long. The wordmark "Lingo", the letter o was in the macron on the top, and it is stylized as "Lingō".

1997–1999 (as Showbiz Lingo Plus)

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In a reformat, the show's name was changed to Showbiz Lingo Plus on May 11, 1997, and the opening segment was presented by three showbiz writers, Pilar Mateo, Aster Amoyo and Dolly Anne Carvajal, daughter of veteran showbiz reporter Inday Badiday.

Showbiz Lingo
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